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Glass Coating Machinery

Glass Coating Machinery

The whole process of glass spraying by glass coating machinery is divided into six parts: pretreatment, preheating, soot blowing purification, spraying, drying, and "three wastes" treatment.

1. Pre-processing glass coating machinery: the main purpose of this process is to enhance the adhesion of the workpiece, which is mainly composed of pre-stripping, main stripping, and table adjustment. It is necessary to remember to keep the indoor temperature stable during uv coating line and vacuum coating machine operation.

2. Preheat treatment: its function is also to enhance the adhesion of the workpiece, mainly to make the spraying room reach a certain temperature. 

3. Glass bottle soot blowing purification equipment: this step is mainly to ensure the cleanliness of the construction environment, if it is a standard dust-free workshop, this link can be skipped. This is because if dust is left on the glass, the surface of the sprayed workpiece will feel like sand and the surface is not smooth enough.

4. Spraying equipment: if people spray by hand, there are high technical requirements for workers, but now most manufacturers use robots to spray, although machines are much more reliable than manual spraying, but don't forget if there are any omissions that need to be repaired.  Inquiry vacuum coater for sale!

5. Paint drying: before the drying operation, the paint has a leveling stage, so the distance between the drying room and the spraying room should be appropriate, and it would be better to control it at about 6-8 meters. In addition, attention should be paid to the temperature and time of baking when drying. 

6. The treatment of "three wastes": at present, industrial production pays attention to low-carbon environmental protection, especially the wastewater, waste gas, and waste residue after glass processing must be treated properly. The wanton discharge will not only pollute the environment but also violate the law!

Glass Coating Machine

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