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Dust Clean Machine/Dust  Collector

Dust Clean Machine/Dust Collector

Autoamtically clean the wood panel surface after sanding, this ensures better quality of coating surface.

How do I choose a dust collector?

Dust collector, also called the dust clean machine, is used to clear the air. With an automatic dust cleaning machine, a safe working environment is ensured. Besides, the maintenance costs are also reduced.

When selecting a dust collector, price is the usually among the first consideration. However, much more factors should be considered, whether choosing wood chip/dust collector or choosing automatic dust cleaner.          

First, think about specific application. Typically, a baghouse dust collector is required in woodworking application. Its dust extraction systems for woodworking are able to deal with larger dust particles. While when it comes to smoke and fume, a cartridge dust collector is preferable as its wood collection and extraction system can handle smaller particulates.

Second, think about the properties of the dust. The moisture level, texture and size of the dust will all affect your choice of a dust filter. If the dust is sticky and oily, you’d better choose a baghouse dust collector, while in terms of the powdery and dry one, the cartridge is more suitable for fine woodworking dust collection and woodwork dust extraction.

Third, think about the size and location of a dust collector. Factors such as height restrictions and floor space should all be taken into consideration. It is inadvisable to place dust collectors indoors where there are employees near the system.

Dust Clean Machine/Dust  Collector
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