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IR Heating Oven

Industrial Infrared(IR) Heating Oven

The industrial infrared heating oven combines infrared radiation with convection and better reflection. There is a thermal cycle baffle in the working area of the furnace body, and the furnace inner wall and the thermal cycle. The inner side of the ring baffle is provided with a far-infrared radiation coating layer. Compared with commonly used heating furnaces, industrial infrared heating oven made by us can heat the same material to the same temperature only needs 2/3 of the time, which can greatly reduce the waste of heat energy, improving heating efficiency.

Types of IR Heating Oven

For industrial ovens and furnaces, IR Heating oven is applied mainly in infrared modules. According to the wavelength emitted, this kind of industrial drying/curing oven can be divided into several types: near infrared (NIR), medium-wave and carbon (CIR) and far infrared emitters (FIR). NIR heaters operate at a much higher filament temperatures, above 1800 degrees Celsius, and CIR heaters operate at about 1000 degrees Celsius. While FIR heaters are especially designed for the low temperature.           

IR Heating Oven Guide

An IR heating oven can heat not only the flat surface, but also objects with complex shapes such as a roast. Whatever things you put in the curing oven, so long as there are infrared waves being absorbed, heat generates. Based on this, it is rather effective using IR heating oven to dry, and different oven styles and heating zones allows for other functions and applications. Our company has various ovens for sale and industrial conveyor ovens is particularly popular among customers.       

Heating Oven Technique

Whether it’s industrial vacuum drying oven or other types of oven produced by drying oven manufacturers, all heat is transferred by the following ways. One way is conduction heating: the transfer of heat is achieved by the direct contact of a heat source and the heated object. As for the convention heating, the transfer medium-heated air is used during the process. While the realization of radiation heating relies on the energy from the electromagnetic waves. Infrared is another heating transferring method, together with ultraviolet, microwave, etc. 

Industrial Infrared Heating Oven Applications

The industrial heating process needs to be able to start with one button to provide precise energy at the right time and at the right place. Industrial infrared heating oven can be used to make removal of complex plastic burrs, to determine whether the drying of existing coatings hinders your production, and precisely heat the produced food to control the temperature difference within ±1 degrees Celsius.

IR Heating Oven
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