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Furniture Panels/Plywood Brushing Machine
  • Furniture Panels/Plywood Brushing Machine for Sale
  • Furniture Panels/Plywood Brushing Machine for Sale

Furniture Panels /Plywood Brushing Machine for Sale

This plywood brush sanding machine is specially designed for the coloring of solid wood laminate flooring, furniture, and other flat plates, so that the pores of the wood surface are evenly colored, which supplements the uneven coloration of the coating machine. the wood grain of the surface plate treated by the wood brush machine is more clear, more distinct.

This wood brush machine is available to the base\surface paint coating for the furniture\flooring\cabinet\walling\decorative boards, which different materials as wood\MDF\plastic\metal\glass\Casi, and so on.

 Wood Brush Machine Specifications


Working width

Feeding speed

Feeding power

Coater roller power




















Advantages of Plywood Brush Sanding Machine

A Plywood Brush Sanding Machine is a piece of equipment designed to sand plywood and other flat surfaces. It has several advantages, including:

Consistent finish

The machine ensures a consistent finish across all surfaces, leaving no uneven areas or visible brush marks.

High-quality sanding: The sanding process is precise, making it ideal for achieving a high-quality finish, even on complex shapes or patterns.


The machine is fast, making it ideal for large scale productions. It saves time as it can sand large surfaces in a short amount of time.


The machine is cost-effective as it requires less manual labor. It can also reduce the number of people required to operate the machine.


Wood brush machine can be used for sanding different types of plywood, including veneer plywood, blockboard, MDF, and particleboard.

Easy to use

The machine is easy to operate, with minimal training required. It can be operated by a single person, making it an excellent investment for small and medium-sized businesses.


Plywood brush sanding machine is designed to remove dust and debris during the sanding process, ensuring a clean and safe working environment.

Applications of Wood Brushing Machine for Sale

A wood Brushing Machine is a versatile piece of equipment used in the woodworking industry for a variety of applications. Some common applications of a brush machine for wood include:

Surface Preparation

It can help surface preparation before painting, staining, or finishing. It removes roughness and imperfections from the surface, allowing for a smoother finish.


The machine can be used for distressing wood, giving it a weathered or vintage look. This technique is often used in furniture making and interior design.


Brush machine for wood can also be used for cleaning reclaimed or salvaged wood, removing dirt, and other impurities. This is essential before using the wood for any project.


The brushing machines for wood is applied to debur edges of wooden components, giving them a smoother and more polished finish.


The machine can be used for polishing wooden surfaces, giving them a shiny and glossy appearance.


The machine can be used for sanding wooden surfaces, removing scratches and giving them a smooth finish.


The wood brushing machine can be used for texturing wooden surfaces, creating unique patterns and designs. This technique is often used in woodworking, interior design, and furniture making.

Using Instructions of Plywood Brush Sanding Machine

The plane sander appears abnormal texture to open the wood brushing machine to see whether the sanding belt is normal swing, if normal, stop to check the wear state of the sanding belt, plane sander touch the sanding belt with your hand, feel whether there is attachment, use a brush or rag to remove the surface attachment, use compressed air to blow away the dust. Check to see if the paint on the sanded plate reaches the degree of dryness to be sanded, and dry treatment. Check the plate when the texture appears coarse and orderly, check the sanding belt type, and whether the speed is normal. Stop the plywood brush sanding machine to check the wear state of the sanding belt and whether there are attached materials on the sanding belt, and deal with them. Inquiry wood brushing machine for sale.

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