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Curtain Coating Machine For Plywood/Wood/Floor/Door
  • curtain coating machine for plywood wood floor door
  • curtain coating machine for plywood wood floor door

Plywood/Door/Floor/Wood Curtain Coater for Sale

This curtain coater machine is suitable for flat-panel paint surface coating, the thickness of the paint is extremely accurate to ensure the uniformity of the overall coating surface.

This wood coating machine is available to the surface paint coating like a mirror for the furniture\flooring\cabinet\walling\decorative boards, which different materials as wood\MDF\plastic\metal\glass\CaSi and soon.

Curtain Coater Machine Applications

It is estimated that there are more than 30 curtain coater for sale applied to actual production in the world, distributed in East Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. Coating varieties of our quality curtain coating equipment include thermal recording paper, carbon-free carbon paper, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, color inkjet printing paper, etc. In the conventional pigment coating, curtain coating equipment has been successfully applied in coated cardboard and achieved commercial operation.  

Curtain Coating Equipment Features

Our curtain coating machine has a simple mechanical structure, fewer moving parts, relatively simple manufacturing requirements, and low operation and maintenance costs.  

As is shown in the curtain coater for sale video, the wood coating machine shows an ideal copying coating effect, and uniform coating coverage, conducive to achieving high coating quality in low coating quantity.  

When coating by wood coating machine, the stress exerted on the paper is very low, and the base paper with lower strength can be used, which improves production efficiency and reduces production cost.  

No or very little paint backflow, low operating cost, stable paint performance.

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