Suzhou Kisinhom Machinery Co., Ltd.
Suzhou Kisinhom Machinery Co., Ltd.

KISINHOM provides a multi-functional UV production line, using the principle of UV curing to make a super scratch-proof plate. Can be used in the production of SPC/LVT/WPC flooring, PVC coil flooring, high-gloss/matte/wallboard, cabinets, door panels, staircase boards, ecological boards, fire boards, bamboo boards, and so on. It is suitable for UV coating on the surface of many kinds of substrates. This production line is mainly aimed at the painting processing of hotel furniture, office furniture, customized doors, furniture, cabinets, wallboards, stair boards, and other industries. And can be used in the production of floor tiles, solid wood substrates, density boards, and other plates for UV surface coating. This production line has the advantages of small investment, quick effect, and small footprint, which can greatly save operation time, improve production efficiency, reduce painting cost and reduce VOC emissions. According to different production processes, one-line multi-coating can be realized.

Painting Lines Manufacturer

With over 10years of experience in door industry, we have been working with designers,construction contractors and door companies to help them develop doors in commerical sector and industrial sector. As a manufacturer, we do not only produce doors ,we provide solutions. We have a team with over 20 people to support after-sales service, ISO 9001 quality management system to ensure quality and professional engineers to assist clients. Now we have distribution centers in more than 20 large and medium-sized cities across China. Our main products are high speed doors,rolling doors,hospital doors and swing doors which could be applied in many places such as residential houses, large buildings or manufacturing facilities.

  • Large Plant Area
    Large Plant Area

    Kisinhom was founded in 2018 and covers an area of 16000 square meters. 

  • Independent Product R&D
    Independent Product R&D

    Our products are independently developed and have a technical team from Germany for ten years of further study.

  • Ceritificates And Patents
    Ceritificates And Patents

    We have passed ISO 9001 and CE ceritificates. Within four years, we have won more than 10 patents and 85% of the market share.

  • Wide Range of Customers
    Wide Range of Customers

    Our equipment is popular with customers in Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. 

FAQs of KISINHOM Products
  • Q. What can you buy from us?

    LVT, WPC, SPC floor painting factory line. MEC super matt machine, UV dryer, LED dryer, roll coating machine, brush machine for wood, water-based coloring brush machine, curtain machine, vacuum spraying machine, IR far-infrared dryer, automatic spray painting machine for wood

  • Q. How long is the warranty time?

    We all products carry up to a full year warranty. Supply wearing parts with favorable price and all life after-sales service.

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