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Furniture Panels Deburring Mahcine

Furniture Deburring Machine for Sale

Solid wood panels are wood panels made of intact wood. These panels are durable and have natural textures. Wood panels are needed in the furniture manufacturing process. There are a lot of burrs on the surface of the panels after being cut by large cutting tools. This requires grinding and polishing of these burrs and burrs. As renowned deburring machine manufacturers, our automated deburring machine equipment for sale is your best choice. Transmission adopts frequency conversion to adjust the conveyor belt, and working speed is stable.

Deburring and Polishing Machine Applications

The automated deburring machine can polish wood boards of various widths, and the device is equipped with a baffle to prevent the wood boards from shifting and affect the polishing effect.

The burr removing machine is suitable for flat plate parts, carbon steel plates, stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, copper plates, titanium alloys, various non-ferrous metals, rubber and plastic materials, etc.

Features of Automated Deburring Machine

The upper pinch roller and the lower pinch roller of our advanced deburring and polishing machine can cooperate with each other to control the feeding length and feeding speed of the wood and adapt to wood boards of different thicknesses, which is convenient and practical. The deburring and polishing machine will punch edges and deburring without flash problem.

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