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UV Dryer

UV Dryer Machine For Sale

This UV dryer machine is available to drying the UV Paint for the furniture, flooring, cabinet, walling, and decorative boards, which different materials as wood, MDF, plastic, metal, glass, CaSi, and so on. Inquiry uv dryer for sale at bulk competitive prices.

The UV paint can be dried and coagulated instantly to 100%, which can help to shorten the drying time.

coating drying machine

UV Dryer MachineTechnique and Trouble Shooting 

The environment of UV drying is of high requirement. When applying UV coating, a dry and cool environment is very important. Besides, the coating quality is also influenced by the temperature and humidity of the factory. 

UV Dryer Machine Applications

UV dryer machine is becoming more and more popular in recent years. As an environmental-friendly coating, UV dryer machine has many advantages-low cost, high efficiency, easy for mechanized operation. When furniture factory introducing the industrial coating machine, such as the UV coating machine for wood, it is important to select it according to specific and practical needs. Production efficiency is the combination of mature craftsmanship, strong machine management ability, and appropriate UV coating machine. Our company has various UV coating machine for sale, each with competitive price.

The UV Vacuum Metalizing

The UV vacuum metalizing is a process that help achieve a new layer of metal on another material by heating the metal coating. To realize this process, a UV vacuum metalizing equipment is of necessity. Besides the common vacuum coater for wood and the specific spray paint machine with vacuum cleaner, our company also provides various UV vacuum metalizing equipment for you to choose.

UV Dryer
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