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Benefits of Coating with a Roller Coater Machine

Benefits of Coating with a Roller Coater Machine

Ⅰ. What is roller coater machine?

The roller coater is mainly composed of a coating mechanism and a steering support mechanism. Roller coaters with higher production speeds are often equipped with two coating heads, and two coating heads are set on the front of the coil. The purpose of this is to quickly replace the coating and coating rollers. The driving of the roller of the roller coating machine is divided into two ways: collective driving and single roller driving.

Ⅱ. What are the benefits of using a roll coater for coating?

Roller coater machine is an important equipment in coating technology. It mainly sprays some flat plates effectively, which can not only protect but also beautify. Many production processes need to be painted to complete. To complete this work, then this work must be inseparable from roller equipment, and what are the specific advantages of using this equipment?

1. When the roller coater machine is working, some items that need to be colored are relatively uniform in terms of color, and the roller coating effect is better, and there is no material accumulation before and after, so a more uniform effect can be achieved. 

2. The current roller coating equipment will work automatically, not only faster in working time, but also greatly improved in working quality, which can greatly save working hours and manpower consumption.

3. The roller coater machine can be applied to a variety of materials, the more common ones are some steel, glass, and floor, and it can realize continuous production during work, which can greatly improve efficiency, and compared with traditional manual operation, the error is smaller. Small, because the coating technology is continuously improved and strengthened, so for the roller table equipment, the technology has also been significantly improved and improved compared to the previous backward technology. In view of this, the roller coater machine has many advantages compared with traditional handwork, and it is the progress of science and technology that has also driven the progress of productivity. The current coating technology has produced a certain scale of installation and mass production lines, so in the future work will be more convenient and faster

Ⅲ. Which materials are suitable for roller coater machine?

Roller coater machine is a flat coating equipment, suitable for large-area plate and strip coating, furniture manufacturing, bamboo and wood handicraft manufacturing, floor and wall panel industry, slipper production industry, metal sheet pre-coating, coil, Glass, plywood, paper, cloth, plastic film for UV-cured coatings. The roller coater machine is widely used, has high working efficiency, can be recycled, filtered, and saves raw materials. Our company produces roller coaters all the year round to make your coating simpler, more efficient and more economical.