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The Maintenance of UV Drying Machine

The Maintenance of UV Drying Machine

As everyone knows, if you want mechanical equipment with longer service life and better-using effect, it is very important to do maintenance and maintenance regularly. UV drying machine is no exception, so what are the main points about the maintenance of UV drying machine?

Ⅰ. What is UV drying machine?

UV drying machine as a new curing method, the advantage is to shorten the curing time and improve productivity significantly. It is more environmentally friendly compared with traditional oven curing. Traditional oven curing will produce a large amount of formaldehyde, the volatile toxic gas that will harm human health. UV drying machine will not produce any toxic substance, it is an ideal glue curing method. However, if ultraviolet light directly radiates to the human body, it will harm human health, therefore we should take protective measures in production or life applications to prevent the harm from ultraviolet light directly radiating to the human body.

Ⅱ. The maintenance of UV dryer machine 

1. In order to extend the service life of the machine and ensure the normal operation of the equipment, you should check the equipment before turning on the machine. If abnormal phenomena appear, you should handle it immediately.

2. Keep the UV dryer machine continuously running for half an hour after it starts, to observe whether the instruments and indicator lights of the machine is normal, make sure there is no abnormal sound while running. If you find any problems, please correct them in time.

3. Regularly check whether the connection of the machine plug and socket works well. If you find the cable of the machine is getting hot while it operates regularly, you need to shut down the machine and change the cable in time, to prevent the electric shock and fire hazard.

4. Avoid touching the lamp tube directly with your hands to prevent sweat and oil pollution from affecting ultraviolet transmission. If you accidentally get contaminated, please wipe with alcohol cotton and keep it clean.

5. Put lubricant oil to the rotating parts of the fan, adjust the air valve transmission mechanism and tighten the wiring terminals. Check whether the air valve transmission mechanism is flexible and stable, the wire is damaged or the wire joint is fastened well.

6. The transmission chain will be drawn out naturally in mechanical operation. The technicians should adjust it in time at this moment. Due to temperature changes, the transmission network belt may appear off-tracking phenomenon in using process, in this case, it needs to be adjusted in time.

7. Ensure every active part of the UV dryer machine is lubricated. Butter the active and passive touch roll, bearings, chains and driving wheels every six months, butter other parts once a year. It is not allowed to use any lubricating grease on the front and back rollers, touch roll, and the occlusion part of the transmission net.

8. It is prohibited to change any internal electrical circuit. When the machine breaks down, you need to check and repair it immediately, non-professional maintenance personnel shall not dismantle or replace anything without authorization. Clean the dirt and dust of the dryer UV machine in time after using the machine in order to prepare for the operation next time.