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What Are the Advantages of Automatic Spraying Machine?

What Are the Advantages of Automatic Spraying Machine?

Ⅰ. What is automatic spray machine?

An automatic spray machine is special coating equipment for spraying technology. The principle is to control the airflow instantaneously pushes the air distribution reversing device to reverse direction, making the piston of the pneumatic motor reciprocate steadily and continuously. Pressurize the inhaled paint and transport the coating to the spray gun of the automatic spray machine through the high-pressure hose. The spray gun will atomize the paint instantly and release it to the object's surface to be coated. An automatic spray machine is mainly composed of a feeding device, spray gun, atomization source. It is suitable for leather handbags, gift packaging, furniture, footwear, automobile manufacturing, and other industries.

Ⅱ. What are advantages of an automatic spray machine?

1. The paint film quality is good, the coating is smooth and refined, and there are no painting marks. An automatic spray machine at a reasonable automatic spray machine price can spray and atomize the coating into fine particles evenly distributed on the wall surface, making the latex paint form a smooth surface. Smooth, dense coating without brush marks and roller marks are the advantage of automatic spray machines which shelling-out, roller coating, and other original methods can not compare with.

2. High coating efficiency. A single operation of the spray automatic machine can achieve a spraying efficiency of 200 to 500 square meters per hour. It is 10 to 15 times manual spraying.

3. Adhesion is good, and coating life is long. Automatic spray machine uses high-pressure spray to make atomized coating particles gain reliable kinetic energy. Coating particles use this kinetic energy to rip into the pores to make the coating compact, thus enhancing the mechanical bite force between the coating film and the wall, improving the adhesion of the coating, and extending the service life of the coating effectively.

4. The paint film thickness made by the automatic vaccum spray machine is even, and the utilization rate of the paint is high. The thickness of manual brush rollers is very uneven. It is generally between 30 and 250 microns, the utilization rate of the color is low. Airless spraying can quickly produce a 30 microns thick coating.

5. Reach the corner and blank part easily. Due to the spray automatic machine from coating machine suppliers using high-pressure airless spraying, this spray does not contain the air. The coating can reach corners, crevices, and uneven areas, which are difficult to brush easily. An automatic spray machine is especially suitable for the office ceilings with many air conditioning fire ducts, which are challenging to do rolling rush.

Although the current construction industry is not the early-stage trend of automatic spray machines, the mechanization trend of automatic spray machines has driven the mechanization of the construction industry. According to the engineering requirements in practical works, transform the structure of the spray automatic machine into a mechanical power source, therefore making the mechanized interior painting walls stunning. In the meanwhile, we also found that the profitability of the construction industry has improved continually. Understanding the handed-over structure before division makes our construction more convenient and faster. It makes everyone enjoy the achievements of architectural industrialization.