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Advantages and Maintenance of UV Drying Machine

Advantages and Maintenance of UV Drying Machine

1. Understand the UV drying machine

UV drying machine uses strong ultraviolet radiation to instantaneously cure the surface. It is a high-tech that has developed rapidly in recent years. Its unique radiation characteristics and good performance have attracted great attention from the scientific and technological circles and the business community. It is used for offset printing on various non-permeable substrates and has strong instant dry adhesion. The principle of the UV drying machine is to add a photoinitiator (or photosensitizer) to a specially formulated resin. After absorbing high-intensity ultraviolet light in the ultraviolet (UV) curing equipment, active free radicals or ionic groups are generated to initiate polymerization, cross-linking and grafting reactions, making resins (UV coatings, inks, adhesives, etc.) change from liquid to solid within a few seconds (varies).

2. Advantages of UV drying machine

(1) Reduce air pollution: Because the material of the UV drying machine does not contain solvents and 100% solids, there is no pollution.

(2) Space-saving: The UV dryer device is simple and safe, and it can be dried in a short time and at room temperature, so the manufacturing cost is lower than that of the traditional hot air stove.

(3) Save manpower: Because the process is simple, it saves manpower and increases productivity and saves electricity costs. Because it only takes a few seconds to dry, it saves about 60% of electricity costs.

(4) Improve quality: improve the quality and precision of the dried objects, and have physical resistance, oxidation resistance, and non-toxicity, especially in food packaging and toy printing. A special effect called weaving and matting is also obtained by UV drying.

3. Maintenance of UV drying machine

How do we proceed with the maintenance of the UV drying machine?

(1) Every day, when our workshop employees complete a day's production, we must clean and wipe the surface of the UV drying machine.

(2) Mechanics should also check the lubrication degree of the machine every day, the normal current situation, whether there is leakage of UV light, safety and other conditions, and find the problem and solve it in time.

(3) The employees in the workshop regularly clean the dust inside and outside the UV drying machine every month, such as the cooling fan, fan blade, electric box, UV light box room, and transformer area.

(4) In the middle of the month, the follow-up mechanic should add butter to the bearing position, the chain, check the oil level of the reducer, add oil, check the condition of the electrical circuit, arrange the circuit, UV lamp cover, and reflector inspection and replacement.

The above are the main points of our maintenance of the UV drying machine. Careful maintenance will make our machines more convenient to use and have a longer service life.