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Advantages of Using UV Drying Machine

Advantages of Using UV Drying Machine

Ⅰ. What is UV drying machine?

UV drying machine is a fast photochemical process using high-intensity UV to produce photochemical reactions, curing the ink, adhesives, and coating immediately. This type of UV curing technology is used in many applications and products, providing a wide range of applications in automated printing and adhesive production processes. This method can bring you the advantages such as high reliability, reducing processing time, etc. Therefore, it is a cost-effective method. 

High energy ultraviolet irradiation will cause chemical curing of UV reactive coatings within a few seconds. The UV dryer machine's UV curing process requires a light source to make the ultraviolet light radiate on the prepared product. The UV spectrum is divided into four subgroups, each subgroup with its distinctive features. The photoinitiator absorbs ultraviolet energy from the light source and initiates the chemical reaction. It will quickly convert liquid formula to solid curing film in fractions of a second. 

Ⅱ. The advantage use of UV dryer machine 

Using UV drying machine to make UV curing in printing and bonding processes can speed up the delivery. In addition to speeding up the production, it also can reduce defects and errors. Due to it reducing the time of dust, flies, or any airborne object land on an object, leading the quality of the product decisively to a higher level. Another obvious advantage is that the manufacturers can reduce the amount of space to organize items because they do not need to wait for them to get dry. This creates efficiency throughout the entire manufacturing process. 

There are many advantages to using a  dryer UV machine

1. Using a UV drying machine to improve inks and adhesives' physical properties. 

2. Using a UV drying machine can get a faster production speed and higher capacity. 

3. Increase production and reduce waste. 

4. Significantly reduce labor costs. 

5. Environmental protection and energy saving without emission control. 

6. UV dryer for sale requires less floor space. 

Ⅲ. Compare traditional drying machine with UV drying machine 

Traditional drying machine is physical heating drying. The drying effect is based on the evaporation of volatile components. The required energy is provided by infrared radiation or hot air. There will be a loss of dry coating thickness depending on the percentage of evaporating components. Volatile components must be removed by extraction.

UV dryer machines' drying effect is based on polymerization, meaning it is the crosslinking of long molecular chains. The required energy of crosslinking is provided by ultraviolet radiation. To 100% solid systems, the thickness of the dry coating corresponds to the thickness of the wet layer without any losses.