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Composition of UV Drying Machine System

Composition of UV Drying Machine System

The wavelength of ultraviolet light for industrial use is from 200nm to 450nm. The process of curing materials with ultraviolet rays with UV drying machines is called the ultraviolet drying process. The principle of UV drying machines is that ultraviolet glue is irradiated with special glue to polymerize and cure the glue. Widely used in printing, electronics, building materials, machinery, and other industries.

Ⅰ. What is the UV drying machine?

UV dryer machine technology is a high-tech developed rapidly in the past few years. It uses strong ultraviolet radiation, chemical reaction, and instant surface curing. Its unique radiation characteristics and good performance have attracted the attention of people in scientific and technological circles and business circles.

Different sizes of cured products require different sizes of curing equipment. There are hand-held, table-top, hanging, and large curing machines for large items suitable for industrial production. If you need to cure small items such as electronic circuit boards, you can choose a portable, desktop box type. If the curing application is printing, wood surface coating, etc., a large and high-power UV dryer is required, because its speed, curing area, and machine power requirements are not suitable for ordinary small curing machines. There are also desktop conveyor belt UV curing units.

The type and style of UV dryers vary depending on the product being cured, but their ultimate purpose is to cure UV coatings or UV inks. The ultraviolet curing device is composed of five systems: a light source system, a ventilation system, a control system, a transmission system, and a cabinet.

Ⅱ. What are the components of the UV drying machine?

The composition of the UV drying machine

1. Light source system: composed of the ultraviolet lamp, lampshade, transformer (ballast), and capacitor (trigger). Ultraviolet lamps The ultraviolet lamps currently on the market are divided into high-pressure mercury lamps and metal halide lamps. 

2. Ventilation system: It is composed of the fan, air duct, and wind cover. What should be paid attention to here is the selection of the fan, the control of the air volume, and the way of exhausting the air. 

3. Control system: It is a system used to control the operation of the entire lamp.

4. Conveyor system: It is composed of a speed-regulating motor (or frequency conversion speed regulation), conveyor belt, and chain (or conveyor roller). The thing to pay attention to here is the speed adjustment. The curing speed should be considered from two aspects, one is to fully cure, and the other is to cure at the best speed. 

5. Shell: The size of the cabinet is determined by the products used in the UV dryer machine. In this regard, it should be noted that in order to make the surface of the box body smooth, the internal lights should be placed as far as possible to avoid overheating the outside of the box body. There should be no light leakage on the outside.