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Maintenance and Application of UV LED Curing Machine

Maintenance and Application of UV LED Curing Machine

1. What are the applications of UV LED curing machines in the LCD industry?

In the LCD industry, UV LED curing machines are also widely used, and UV LEDs are applied in many aspects of LCD production. UV LED curing machine has played an important role in LCD production.

(1) UV LED curing machine exposure process: In the LCD production process, the purpose of photolithography is to coat photosensitive glue on ITO conductive glass according to product design requirements, and perform ultraviolet light exposure, that is, selective irradiation to make the light-receiving part of photoresist react chemically, which changes the solubility of this part of the film in the developer. Then, using the protective effect of the photoresist, the ITO conductive layer is selectively chemically etched, so that a pattern completely corresponding to the mask is obtained on the ITO conductive glass.

(2) UV LED curing machine modification (ultraviolet light surface quality change): At present, in the production process of liquid crystal display STN, it is mainly used in film processing technology, which is very effective for improving the adhesion between the films, such as ITO film and photosensitive film layer, TOP coating and PI coating, etc.

(3) UV LED curing machine to cure the LCD sealing and frame sealing glue: The empty liquid crystal cell after pressing without liquid crystal should be cured by the frame sealing glue. After pouring the liquid crystal, the liquid crystal cell should be irradiated and cured by a UV LED curing machine of the sealing glue.

(4) UV LED curing machine cleaning: Light cleaning technology uses the photosensitive oxidation of organic compounds to remove organic substances adhering to the surface of the material. The surface of the material after light cleaning can achieve "atomic cleanliness".

2. How to maintain the LED UV curing machine?

The application of UV LED curing machines are wider and wider, and many manufacturers have also put UV coating curing machine into production use. So, in daily use, how to properly maintain the UV LED curing machine?

Daily maintenance of UV LED curing machine:

(1) Clean the surface dust and keep the body clean.

(2) When starting the machine, check whether the fan and motor are running normally and whether there is any abnormal sound. If so, immediately shut down and notify the maintenance personnel for repairs.

(3) After turning on the lights, check whether all the ultraviolet lights are on. If any lights do not light up, notify the repairman for repairs.

Monthly maintenance of UV LED curing machine:

(1) Check whether the vent is blocked and clean up the dust.

(2) Check whether the lamp current is normal and whether the circuit is aging.

(3) Check whether the fan and motor are operating normally, and whether the motor speed can meet the working requirements.

(4) Refuel the drive chain and sprocket.

(5) Whether the light intensity of the UV LED curing machine can reach the working standard and whether the lamp is aging.

(6) Clean the dust in the inner cavity.