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What Are the Characteristics of LED UV Curing Machine?

What Are the Characteristics of LED UV Curing Machine?

We believe that everyone should know LED UV curing machine has greater advantage than traditional UV equipment, due to the LED UV curing machine uses LED luminous mode to meet the demands of different materials, especially for the manufactures which require suppressing the thermally deformed components, high precision bonding and other applications. What are the characteristics of the LED UV curing machine?

Ⅰ. LED UV curing machine is environmentally friendly and pollution-free

Traditional mercury lamp type curing machine adopts mercury lamp to emit light. There is mercury inside the light bulb, it is very troublesome to waste disposal and transport, it also can cause serious pollution to the environment by improper handling. However, the LED UV curing machine adopts semiconductor to emit light, there is no factors to cause the damage to the environment, therefore it is more environmentally friendly to use LED curing machine.

The effective luminous efficiency of UV LED mode is more than 10 times higher than mercury lamps. In the meanwhile, the mercury lamp requires continuous lighting whether it is with or without effective irradiation, electric power will always be in consumption condition. However, LED UV curing machine only consumes power during irradiation and the power consumption is almost zero during standby. In addition, each machine can indirectly reduce 8 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year by saving electric energy, it is equivalent to the annual exhaust emissions of three cars.

Ⅱ. Simple installation and space saving of LED UV curing machine

The volume of LED UV curing equipment is only 1/5 of the traditional curing machine, therefore it makes the installation of equipment more simple and it can reduce the site occupied area of the production field; From circuit design, optical design, system optimization to components selection, the LED UV curing equipment implements the consistent high - trust design concept of ST-LED, to ensure the stability, reliability and consistency of curing of the equipment.

Ⅲ. LED UV curing machine has long service life and no heat radiation

The UV coating curing machine curing mode is optimum for the plastic base material, lens bonding and electronic products, optical fiber, and cable which require heat-sensitive, high precision adhesive bonding technology. Compared with the mercury lamp service life of traditional UV curing equipment is only 800-3000 hours, the service life of using an UV LED curing machine is up to 20000 to 30000 hours. The LED mode can be lit instantly while ultraviolet light is needed, the service life of LED mode is equivalent to 30 to 40 times of the mercury lamp mode. 

LED UV curing machine reduces the time to replace the light bulb, improving the production efficiency and saving a lot of energy. However traditional mercury lamp curing equipment has to be lit all the time while it is working, due to the mercury lamp starting slowly and the service life of the light bulbs is affected by make and break, therefore it will not only cause unnecessary power consumption but also shorten the service life of the mercury lamp.