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UV Roller Coater Usage Related Knowledge

UV Roller Coater Usage Related Knowledge

Before using the UV roller coater, check and debug it

First, check whether the electrical wiring of the equipment is damaged, whether the connections are secure, whether the bearing parts need to be lubricated, whether the rollers are damaged or deformed, and whether there is any dust or impurities attached to them. Check the cleanliness of the conveyor belt, feeding pump, and material tank. When there are no abnormal conditions, start up the equipment for preheating. Secondly, adjust the height of the rubber roller, generally adjusting it to be 0.5mm lower than the workpiece or turning the hand wheel down 1-3 turns after it comes into contact with the workpiece. Thirdly, adjust the distance between the steel roller and the rubber roller so that the two sides just touch slightly. Start the paint pump to inject the paint between the two rollers to completely wet the rollers. Finally, turn on the conveyor belt of the UV roller coating machine and check if it is running smoothly, if there is any deviation, adjust the height of the rubber roller, adjust the line speed and coating amount, check the effect on the board surface, and mass-produce after qualification.

After using the UV roller coater, clean and maintain it

After finishing the work, thoroughly clean the steel roller, rubber roller, conveyor belt, container, and recovery trough, and wipe the remaining solvent on the rollers with a clean cloth. It should be emphasized that you must use a special cleaning solution and not use benzene solvents to avoid rubber rollers from deteriorating or aging. After cleaning, relax the rubber roller and the steel roller so that the two wheels are 3-5mm apart.

Whether it is checking and debugging before using the UV roller coating machine, patrol maintenance during use, or cleaning and maintenance after use, it is strictly forbidden to touch the running rollers with hands to prevent accidents. Also, avoid direct sunlight on the machine, otherwise, the UV paint will dry on the rubber roller and damage it.

Precautions for using the UV roller coater

  • A major repair should be carried out at least twice a year. Thoroughly clean and refuel, make sure that the rotating parts maintain a lubricated fit, and all details must be in place. Clean up in time after every use.

  • Regularly wipe the UV lamp and reflector. Replace the lamp in time when it is aging to prevent malfunctions and delays in production progress.

  • The machine is equipped with a high-voltage steady-flow device. The operator must wear insulated shoes or put an insulated board on the ground to prevent accidents.

  • After operation, check whether there is any residual dirt inside the machine in time. Remind workers not to use water to clean the motor parts to prevent the electrical equipment from getting damp, damage, and electric shock accidents.

  • Before each use of the UV roller coating machine, check whether there are abnormal phenomena in all components of the equipment. If any, contact us for help with inspection and maintenance to avoid delays in production.