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The Use and Process of UV Roll Coating Machine

The Use and Process of UV Roll Coating Machine

1. About the UV roller coating machine

Full name of roll coater is belflex coater. A device that applies a certain amount of paint to a flat material by means of more than one set of rotating rollers. Change the pressure between two rollers, can adjust the thickness of coating. Typical roll coaters are belflex coater, press roll coater (gravure printing roll coater), positive and reverse roll coater, etc. In addition with small diameter coating roller instead of coating scraper coating machine also known as roll coating machine.

2. Introduction of the use of roll coater

Roller coating machine is suitable for glazing in the advertising industry. As an important mechanical equipment in the series of coating equipment, the roll coater generally has the characteristics of small loss of paint, high efficiency, and simple and convenient maintenance during production.

The roll coater uses the roller and the substrate to closely adhere to each other and rotate inward at a uniform speed. A V-shaped space will be generated in the middle, which will be transported forward. Then the varnish on the roller is pressed on the plate by the roller. By adjusting the tightness between the equalizing roller and the substrate, the thickness and uniformity of the paint on the adhering uniform rubber roller can be controlled; the plate is advanced by the conveyor belt at a uniform speed, and the rubber roller is properly contacted, and the paint on the rubber roller is even The ground is transferred to the surface of the plate, so that the roll coater can achieve the glazing effect.

3. Introduction to the Roll Coating process of roller coater machine

(1) Classification of roller coating process: It is divided into two categories: manual roller coating and several roller coating. Light-curing coatings usually adopt mechanical roller coating method (also known as roller coating method), which can be divided into two categories: same direction and reverse direction. The rotation direction of the paint roller of the same direction roll coater is consistent with the forward direction of the coated object. The pressure of the roller is applied to the surface of the coated object, and the coating is applied in a squeezed state. The coating amount is small and the coating is thin. Therefore, two machines are often used in series when coating with the same direction roll coater, and the resulting coating is more uniform.

(2) Roller coating process: Roller coating is basically suitable for the coating of large-area plates and strips. It can be used for pre-coating metal plates, coils, plywood, paper, cloth, and plastic films for UV curing coatings.

(3) Roller coating characteristics: Roller coating has the advantages of high coating efficiency, easy to realize continuous production, good film appearance quality, easy film thickness control, low pollution, and can be used with printing. Its defect is that it can be used together with printing. The shape of the coating is too high, and the three-dimensional workpiece cannot be coated, and the equipment investment is relatively large.