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Maintenance of UV LED Curing Equipment

Maintenance of UV LED Curing Equipment

UV LED curing equipment currently tends to take place of traditional mercury lamps. After more and more customers started to use UV LED curing equipment, how to maintain the UV LED curing equipment and have better use effect and longer service life have become a problem that needs to be understood. In order to make the UV LED curing equipment have a longer service life and better use effect, routine maintenance is very important, which is also a necessary step to ensure safe and efficient production.

Ⅰ. About UV LED curing equipment

UV LED curing equipment is a mechanical device that can emit strong ultraviolet rays that can be used. It has been widely used in printing, electronics, building materials, machinery, and other industries. The types and styles of UV LED curing equipment vary depending on the products they are curing, but the ultimate purpose is the same, which is to cure UV paints or UV inks. UV glue curing machine has a wide range of applications, and many manufacturers have put UV LED curing equipment into production. UV LED curing equipment mainly cures UV glue or UV ink quickly through ultraviolet UV light irradiation and is mainly used in automatic plastic spraying, heavy-duty material coating, water glue lamination, and so on.

Ⅱ. Maintenance of UV LED curing equipment

The items to be checked frequently to maintain the normal operation of UV LED curing equipment are as follows:

1. Regularly add lubricant according to the requirements of the parts listed in the lubrication table;

2. Always check the operation of the rotating components of the machine. Immediately shut down and notify the maintenance personnel for maintenance if any abnormality is found; 

3. Turn on the UV LED light source switch to confirm whether the light source is on On, if not, notify the maintenance personnel to repair; 

4. Check whether the ventilation opening of the UV LED curing equipment is blocked, and clean up the dust; 

5. Check whether the light intensity of the UV LED is still within the working standard range, and whether the lamp beads are aging; 

6. Check whether the fan motor is running normally or not, and whether the speed of the motor can meet the working requirements; 

7. Clean the dust in the machine cavity frequently, and check whether there is residual dirt in the UV LED curing equipment in time after operation. Do not wash the body and work place with water to prevent dampness, damage and electric shock; 

8. Check whether the current of the UV LED lamp is normal and whether the circuit is aging.

We often say that UV LED curing equipment has a long service life, but this is on the premise of good maintenance of the UV drying machine. Once the equipment fails, it will more or less affect the service life of UV LED curing equipment.