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The Functions of UV Drying Machine

The Functions of UV Drying Machine

In the past few years, UV drying machine has brought revolutionary change to the UV curing industry. It has the characteristics of constant light intensity, excellent temperature control, portable and environmental protection. Its procurement cost is relatively low, and maintenance cost is almost zero. It plays a vital role in promoting the UV curing process's quality improvement, energy-saving, and cost-reducing.

Ⅰ. What is UV drying machine?

The UV dryer for sale is a surface treatment mechanical equipment that emits an intense ultraviolet. It is mainly used in the printing and painting industry. At present, Ultraviolet light curing is a more environmentally friendly drying method for UV coatings(UV ink, UV varnish, UV resin, etc.). This equipment can conform to the substance requirements of the health and environmental protection organization. UV dryer machine is used to promote ultraviolet ink curing. The principle is to use a particular wavelength of ultraviolet radiation, thereby stimulating the initiator to release free radicals and triggering the instantaneous cross-linking reaction between the top polymer and the reactive diluent to convert a liquid into a solid. So what are the effects and advantages of a UV drying machine?

Ⅱ. The function of UV drying machine

1. The injection function of dryer UV machine: Emitting usable strong ultraviolet rays to make the special glue generate polymerization, thus solidifying the injection products. It has been widely used in decorative color plate ware, decorative wear products(button, brooch, hair clips, belt buckle, etc.).

2. The junction function of the UV drying machine: To generate polymerization reaction under the irradiation of light or high-energy rays, thus making the junction point produce solidification. It has been widely used in the junction between circuit board CHIP components, various electronic components, glass, LCD, and terminal sealing glue.

3. The coating function of UV drying machine: The paper coating of UV coating line on the surface of wood, light coating, plastic floor coating, optical fiber line surface coating.It can make a high surface gloss of the printing and step-less speed regulation of the conveyor belt. There is a device to prevent deviation inside the UV drying machine to ensure smooth delivery.

Ⅲ. The advantage of UV drying machine

1. The UV drying machine such as the UV jet dryer machine has environmental protection features compared with traditional oven curing. 

2. The drying function of UV dryer machine can be used in a wide range of applications, such as wood, steel, leather, etc. 

3. UV drying machine does not require more time in drying coating. It can shorten the time of the painting process effectively. 

4. After using a UV dryer machine, the hardness of the surface of the coating object to be dried will improve, and it will make the color more bright.